Report, Photographs & Follow up on the event with Jack Russell on Saturday 12thSeptember 2020 

Warm, sunny weather encouraged a very good crowd of people on Saturday all eager to chat and watch Jack Russell start creating his remarkable oil painting of St Anne’s Church & the Cricket Pavilion. Jack will finish the oil painting around the beginning of October and will then get the Giclee prints produced towards the end of October. Once we receive it, we will post a copy of the print onto our website and circulate to members with more details about viewing the print in person. Please register your interest in buying a print or for any other query contact Shane Macdermott  (or the Friends Membership Secretary at

See photographs of the afternoon below

Peter Berg Chairman Kew Cricket & Martyn Rya
Peter Berg Chairman Kew Cricket & Martyn Ryan Benefactor of Jack Russell Painting
St Anne's Church KEW CRICKET
St Anne’s Church KEW CRICKET
Fr Nigel Worn. Vicar St Anne's Church Kew
Fr Nigel Worn Vicar of St Anne’s Church Kew & President of The Friends of St Anne’s, who will be included in the painting by Jack Russell

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