Botticelli’s Venus & Mars – Dr David Bellingham

Botticelli’s Venus and Mars in the National Gallery: Some New Discoveries and New Readings
Saturday 1 April at 11:00 (10:30 for tea/coffee) at St Anne’s Church, Kew Green TW9 3AA

Botticelli’s Venus & Mars (c.1480) is one of the most iconic pictures in the National Gallery, and a highly enigmatic example of his approach to mythology.  Dr David Bellingham went behind this highly sensual painting’s celebrity and familiarity, taking an in-depth look at what its curious format and style, to explain what it tells us about its original purpose and location.  See the biography for more information about Dr Bellingham and and a list of his recent published papers.

The event was dedicated to the memory of Dr. Helen Kraus, one-time fellow parishioner at St Anne’s, who assisted David’s research into this enigmatic painting with her in-depth knowledge of the Book of Genesis.

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