Subscription Topped Up

Thank you for topping up your subscription.  We would be grateful if you would update your standing order payment to £25 per person payable on the 6 April each year.  Most banks allow you to do this yourself if you have telephone or internet banking.  Alternatively, you may complete a new standing order mandate available here and return it to us.  Please also complete a Gift Aid declaration if you were previously a Joint Friend.  HMRC rules mean that we can no longer offer joint membership under Gift Aid.  Declarations can be made online here or by signing the application form if you are sending your standing order mandate to us by post.

We will now extend the validity of your discount code to the 6 April next, this may take a few days.   In the interim, you will be refunded £5 per ticket should you decide to purchase before the code has been extended.

Please contact us at if you have any queries.